Wellbeing & Fitness Program

Wellbeing Fitness Program : Pole Walking

Wellbeing Fitness Program

Wellbeing Fitness Program

The aim of the Healthy Aging Exercise Program is to provide a variety of enjoyable exercise sessions for older adults from the community and surrounding area.

Exercise Group - Transport available
Participants require a medical clearance before attending, if over 50 years of age. Forms available on request.
Gentle strength, aerobic and balance training and warm water exercises.

Benefits of Exercise
Reduces incidence of falls and fall related injuries, lessons Arthritis pain, improves bone density in people with Osteoporosis, is effective in improving glycaemic control in patients with Type 2 Diabetes, improves social life and helps maintain independence, acts as an antidepressant in depressed people and improves mood and anxiety.

Tai Chi
Tai Chi facilitates the flow of “qi” through your body. Qi is the life energy that circulates throughout the body, performing many functions to maintain good health. Practicing Tai Chi helps to strengthen your “qi”, therefore improving your health.

Pole Walking
Benefits include 20% more calories burnt, increase muscle strength and endurance of upper body, reduction in neck and shoulder pain, less impact through knees when pole walking. Improvement of overall health. Poles supplied or can be purchased.

For more information and times for Exercise Programs contact main reception on 02 6071 5200

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