Diabetes Educator

Diabetes Educator

Diabetes Educator

Tallangatta Health Service understands the importance of comprehensive diabetes management and therefore provides the opportunity for people in the community with diabetes to have regular assessments and reviews by a General Practitioner with a special interest in Diabetes, Diabetes education, Podiatry and Dietician work. Further ongoing referral to an Ophthalmologist, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist and Social Worker can be arranged.

Clinic Dates and Times

Tallangatta - Every second Tuesday - 9am to 5pm
Clinics are also held annually at Mitta Mitta

Diabetes Care Made Simple

Waist Measurement and Weight Check
3 monthly - Excess body fat, especially around the waist stops insulin from working effectively and increases the risk of heart disease.

Blood Pressure check
At every visit - Tight blood pressure control helps prevent heart attack, stroke, eye and kidney damage.

HbA1c Check
3-6 monthly if on insulin
6-12 monthly if not on insulin
Tight blood glucose control reduces the risk of eye, kidney and nerve damage

Feet Examination Check
6 monthly for pulses, sensation and pressure spots - Poor circulation (pulse), loss of feeling (sensation) and pressure spots may lead to foot ulcers, gangrene or amputation.

Blood Lipids Check
Annually - Too much blood fat can cause fatty deposits in artery walls and lead to heart attack and stroke.

Kidney function Check
Type 1– 5 years following diagnosis and then annually
Type 2– at diagnosis and then annually
Small amounts of protein (albumin) in the urine indicate early kidney damage that can be treated

Eye Examination check
At diagnosis if diagnosis is after 30 years of age
5 years after diagnosis if diagnosis is made under 30 years of age and than at least bi annually
Untreated changes to the retina can cause loss of eyesight

Who Should Attend Clinics

Clinics are for people with type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes or impaired Glucose Tolerance. People who would like to be screened for diabetes are most welcome.

Visits to the Diabetes educator are free. Please bring your Medicare card for the GP consultation.

Appointments can be made by phoning Tallangatta Medical Centre Reception on 02 6071 5270.

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