Women's Health

Women's Health

Our Women's Health Nurse is an experienced Registered Nurse with post graduate qualifications in sexual and productive health. Our nurse is governed by standards of practice and is required to participate in ongoing education to maintain her expertise. This also entitles our Women's health nurse to be a registered Pap Test Provider. Encompassing health promotion, screening and direct clinical services, support and advocacy and referral

Services Provided by Women's Health Nurses
Our Women's Health Nurse understands that there are many social, emotional and cultural issues that can affect people's health. We are committed to offering services that meets the individual's needs.

The services available from the nurse-based clinic include health assessments and counselling, Pap tests, pregnancy testing and counselling, information on sexually transmitted infections, gynaecological health, contraceptive counselling, mid-life issues, menopause, breast health, including BSE, continence support and advice, sexuality issues, support and referral on violence and abuse issues.

Our Women's Health nurse has a broad range of skills to share with the community. This includes health awareness and educational talks. Please contact main reception if we can be of any help to your organisation

Who Should Attend
Clinics are for all ages. Adolescents are particularly welcome.

The Tallangatta Women's Health Service is a FREE SERVICE.
Please bring your Medicare card or number for our records.

Clinic Locations
Individual appointments are available on request.

The Community Health Centre located at the Health service

Mitta Mitta
At the Maternal Child Health Centre, Mitta Mitta

At the Maternal Child Health Centre at the Bellbridge Community Centre, Bellbridge

For clinic times and appointment bookings please phone Tallangatta Medical Centre 02 6071 5270

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