Acute Care Hospital Services

Acute Care Hospital Services

Acute Services

Tallangatta Health Service is a public based facility with an acute ward offering a range of hospital type services to the local community.

The ward has 15 beds and services include:

During your stay at Tallangatta Health Service as an inpatient you will be treated with care and courtesy. Your privacy is assured under the Privacy Act and any complaints or suggestions will be handled promptly and outcomes reported back to you.

Accident and Emergency treatment services are provided which includes attending to members of the public who present following minor accidents or sudden illness. Episodes are evaluated by the nurse on duty. Cases, as needed will be referred to Wodonga Regional Health Service.

Albury Wodonga Health – Wodonga Campus
Vermont Street
Wodonga, VIC 3690
(02) 6051 7111

Ambulance Transfer to another hospital from the Accident and emergency Treatment Room
We urge everyone to hold a current ambulance subscription as ambulance transfer may be in the range of $2,000 one way to Wodonga for an emergency transfer.  Patients are responsible for this fee. Pensioners and health care card holders should check with Centrelink about ambulance cover.

Average costs for services provided to Medicare ineligible patients
The following table provides a guide to average costs per day/per encounter for services provided to Medicare ineligible patients. Please note that this is a guideline only, and that fees charged to Medicare ineligible patients is subject to change.

Patient Classification (Estimated average costs for 2018-19)
Accommodation charge – fee per day

Same Day (single room) - $410.00
Same Day (shared ward) - $426.00
Overnight (single room) - $837.00
Overnight (shared ward) - $749.00
Emergency Urgent Care - $582.00
Hospital in the Home - $345.00 - $410.00

Outpatients (Estimated average costs for 2018-19)
Fee Per Encounter

Medical - $335.00
Allied Health - $175.00