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respite care
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Or alternatively phone Tallangatta Health Service on 02 6071 5200

Residential Respite Care at Bolga Court Hostel

Residential Respite Care at Bolga Court

Respite Care provision is offered at Bolga Court. This service is one of popularity and it is advised that early contact be made to the Manager should you be requiring Respite Care.

Our Respite room, which is fully furnished, is situated in the Module and is in the company of five permanent residents. 

Full services are provided to the need of the client’s request. A daily fee is charged that is not covered by Private Health Insurance or Medicare. An Information Package is available and can be posted, or collected, by contacting the Facility.

Coordinator: 02 6071 5287
Tel: 02 6071 5287
Fax: (02) 6071 2842

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