Thunderstorm Asthma

Thunderstorm Asthma season is upon us. Thunderstorm Asthma can affect those with asthma or hay fever, especially people who experience wheezing or coughing with their hay fever. That’s why it is important for people with asthma or hay fever to know about Thunderstorm Asthma and what they can do to protect themselves during grass pollen season.

Grass pollen season is on its way, bringing an increase in asthma and hay fever. It also brings the chance of Thunderstorm Asthma. If you’ve ever had asthma or hay fever, talk to your doctor or pharmacist about what you can do to protect yourself. Find out more on the Better Health Channel:

What is Thunderstorm Asthma? Watch this video to find out more about Thunderstorm Asthma and what you can do to help prepare for grass pollen season:

It is important to know the steps of Asthma First Aid. Learn more about this at the Better Health Channel:

Four Steps of Asthma First Aid